STRUGGLING to get online SALES? How to boost your online sales by 259%

No matter what business you’re in, you obviously would like to get huge sales via any medium. Company’s sale will be either offline, online or both. Almost all companies choose both of them to get maximum benefits.

You must have spent lots of money on marketing, either offline or online!  You might have received good traffic on a website.  But simply ask yourself these questions.

Is your online business presence converting your visitors into customers?

Are your marketing strategies making any customer engagements?

Your answer might be negative,  Don’t worry! There is a process or we can say a checklist that can help you to boost your sales.  WebPixel Technologies enlisted a checklist to boost online sales.

This checklist is continuously updated and will apply to all the categories of business. Whatever your business is, if you have a website, you must continue reading!

  • Content Strategy

Make a goal: If you don’t have a single focus regarding your business goal, it is difficult to get desired results. Make a list of your goals and make strategies to achieve it.

Target Market: After the goal, you need to know where your business will emerge.  It can be geographic or location based, age group, gender specific as well. You can research by analyzing your competitors too.

Demonstrate Product and Service: Be ready to describe your product and service with best quality content. Know what your customer wants from your business, know buyer persona.

Focus on your customer engagements via reviews, emails and providing them helpful content (How to, versus information) etc.

What will Include: Case studies, Checklists, White papers, Press release, EBooks, Manuals, Promotional images, and videos

ToolsQuora, Feedly, SlideShare, Buzzsumo, Crazyegg, Prezi, Powtoon, Visually

  •  Social Media

Social media platform will create a unique image of your business.  Your customer will aware about latest product and company news also will help to engage with your business for services and support.

Business’s empowered customers from social media can lead to direct sales.

What will include:  Curated content, Promotional images, and videos, Schedule for posting

What you will get:

Tools to try:  HootSuite,, Buffer, Sprout Social, Everypost, Social Pilot, Crowdfire

  • SEO and PPC

There are three aspects of achieving goals through SEO and PPC: To get traffic, to generate lead and to boost sales.

You go with organic way, then website needs two types of optimization.

On-Page Optimization: Page speed, HTML errors, Meta tags, Header tags, broken links, Image Optimization

Off-Page Optimization: Business listing, directory as well social bookmarking, social media marketing, article and guest posting, classified, Forum discussions, Questions and answers posting

And if you want to target with paid results, we must prepare a target audience as well as keywords. The paid result cost a lot so you’ll need a good budget for it.

Tools to try:  PageSpeed Insights , Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Open Site ExplorerGoogle Keyword Planner , SEO Site Checkup, Ahrefs, Varvy, Semrush


SEO will get the page into top ranking on google, which will lead good traffic as well as sales.  Better SEO optimized website will create a trust, better search engine result presence and credibility to customers.

On the other side, PPC will help in getting measurable results in budget and quick time. You can reach the target audience at right time.

  • Branding

Brand = Reputation x Visibility

Branding will give an identity to your business which will establish a reputation and attractive image to customers.

Branding is what people say about you when you are not in the room – Jeff Bezos

What will include: Who we are, web design (Logo, typography, color palette, elements, icons), tagline, emails, Blog, Social media, PPC

What you will get: Customer Loyalty, improved image as well brand awareness

 Tools: HotJar, Sumo, Canva, Grammarly, Google alerts, Mention

  • Email Marketing

Apart from SEO, social media and other marketing – Email marketing is a vibrant and powerful way to interact with the targeted audience.

It works well when it is personalized, targeted as well remarketed

What will include: Mail server, leads, and newsletter

What you will get: Brand Awareness, shareable, measurable, Cost-effective, Targeted audience

Tools: Mail chimp, Litmas, Cake Mail

If you’re still struggling to reach to your business goals, then, don’t look out for any other tips! Online sales will not occur immediately! It will take some time, just do it in your own way!

We can help you to consult about your SEO and business goals. Feel free to reach us!

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