Christmas Celebration at office – Sleigh Bells Ring


Ho Ho Ho…. Jingle all the way!!! Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling. It’s time to Christmas Celebration at office with colleagues who are just like a family. And yes Webpixel Technologies can’t miss single festival to celebrate. So, here how webpixeller Celebrated Christmas.


Christmas is actually “the mass for Christ” and our HR has “mass of ideas” for different activities to make a Christmas more interesting. We started our day with Christmas tree and office decoration. After this, our office environment turns naturally into the Sparkling mode.

Now Game Time Begins

We had a fun activity using balloons and Glass. The player has to blow the balloon and blow off the glasses with the air in the balloon. The player can keep trying for one minute. The time limit is one minute. The one who blows off a maximum number of glasses is the winner.


Next game was Treasure Hunt. Every treasure hunt is basically a creative combination of two key ingredients— clues and unique hiding places. Yes yes and yes we can’t express our team happiness and curiosity during this game was just like an in the heat of the moment. After finishing this game all folks are shouting, we want to play again!!!  But as a short of time with lots of game, we were proceeding to another game.

The second game was Snake Game (blindfold), Command and instructs your snake (Team Members) watch your tail (Line of your Group), reach the object and win the level. In short, all team members were blindfold and joint and last member who instruct them. This is showing your trustiness to your partner.


We also played Housie and Antakshari with full of energy and Create a Vibrant and Cheerful Room. The wheels on the Xmas party bus go round and round. Take the celebrations to the streets, blast bouncing beats, and keep the party fun rolling to multiple things.

Celebrated Fruit Fiesta – Showcases a wide variety of fruits

Isn’t this picture making your mouth watering?? Everybody loves a fiesta and everyone deserves a treat.

Fruit Fiesta

Different shades of fruits on one table spread a message like all fruits with various test make delicious dishes, Just Like that our all team members together with a great bonding & fabulous nature create an office environment blissful.

Fashion Show on Winter Collection

Moreover, we also arrange winter collection fashion show. Winter runways to your desk, every team members were participated and showcase their winter style. An enthusiastic crowd made its presence heard. The event, which is joyous and ecstatic, will allow participants to experience fashion, music, and dance. That was just “WOW“.

winter fasion

Gift Exchange with your Secret Santa

Every folk brought the gift but they don’t know; with whom they are going to share???  It is super funny and somehow amazing to surprise someone who usually is not on your list. It’s mystery. It’s excitement. It’s the joy of knowing someone’s gift, It’s the thrill of opening something but, more than that, the magic of connection.


All that is fun of course

The sky takes on shades of orange, we do not even realize the time and our Christmas celebration at office were ended with lots of goodies and smile on the face and yes, we also gather lots of courage and power for next year.

Thank you to WebPixel Technologies, Team member’s hard work and tis’ the season for clichés.  Here, not only have to do work but also have regular opportunity to value a minute in occasions and celebrations.

We Wishing you all Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. We value having you as our client and anticipate serving you in New Year with more open doors. Hope this New Year comes with healthily, wealthily and wisely. We will honor Christmas in our heart, and try to keep it all the year.