Diwali Celebration at Office, Where Professionalism Matches Intercultural Relations


Indeed, it’s that time once more! Diwali, the Celebration of lights, is one of the greatest festival celebrated in India. Consistently, WebPixel Technologies proceed with their convention of playing out a “Dhanteras Puja” to appeal to God for good fortunes, thriving, satisfaction and wellbeing on this day. A cleric is called to Workplace, and everybody from the workplace participates.

Dhanteras Pooja

Desk Decoration:

We celebrated a festival of lights with style. We organized Work Space Decoration event to judge teamwork, creativity and power of innovation in our employees. They represent new them with great Enthusiasm.

We have three teams, Team A represent their theme on Pollution issues and gave a message for saving the tree. Team B exemplify a joy of Diwali festival and Team C  winner team expressed culture and handy craft of India.

It was a fun-filled event which brought together employees from different teams who contributed various ideas.

Desk Decoration

Rangoli Competition:

Rangoli is a traditional folk art, adorned with floors during Festive seasons. WebPixel Team did a great by spreading Social Message via Rangoli. Green India, Clean India, Girls want to fly! Try propagating their own ideas through Rangoli. Colors catch attention, this not only would pass out to the mass, will as well aware at the same time. What posters does on a wall, the same can be used on floors with powder colours and public awareness drives.


We also arranged different activities like Housie, Game of Possibility, Office Trivia, Minefield and Detective and thief!! This is really interesting and amazing games. All folks have happily participated with full of joy.


The Most Important Communitarianism Hour of the Day: Lunch

The importance of eating together has for quite some time been perceived in positive development and reinforcing bonds. Eating together is an extraordinary equalizer and it can be a decent approach to enable shape to better and more significant connections among groups of collaborators as well.  We went at Atithi restaurant for Gujarati cuisine. The food was delicious and our team bonding is just poured garnishing in the dishes.


Best Dressed Male and Female:

It’s a given that alongside festivities comes a clothing regulation. This opposition rouses the employees to bring out best of themselves on the stage and get recognized for their styling, dressing and general persona that fits the celebration subject. Meet Our Winners Mr.Jaydev and Ms.Krishna Traditional of the Day!Best Dress Male&Female

Gift Distribution:

We as a whole Love Gifts: Diwali blessings and treats is the thing that representatives anticipate. Consequently, Diwali blessings must be insightfully arranged. Diwali celebration is the ideal event to offer a token of gratefulness and keep the representatives’ spirits high by gifting them something noteworthy and interesting.

Gift Distribution

And to Wrapped up, Last but not the least, day ended by Funny awards Distributions. It was just extraordinary. Like Manmohan Singh Award, Social Media Butterfly, The Caffeine Addict Award: Etc. It was hilarious but that added a strawberry on the cake.


Good Food for Good Mood, we start New Year with the oath of hard work, Persistence and giving a respect and support to each & every person.

‘Tis’ the season to an awesome WebPixel Team and bigger thanks to our Boss.