Gifographics : Make a Big Impact with Animated Infographics


Gifographics – Animated Infographics

As like infographics, a Gifographics provides amazing visual content piece platform for huge information in a small space.

A Gifographic is basically an animated version of an infographic, using .Gif image format.  GIF is an acronym for Graphics Interchange Format. GIFs were one of the earliest forms of moving images on the web and they’re still it is buzzing on the internet. Sites like BuzzFeed use GIFS in their content all the time for high engagement. Moreover, Facebook and Twitter just began allowing GIFs in its newsfeeds. What if we can take benefits of GIF with our Infographics. It will take visual content to the next level.

The World is booming with these,  still aren’t you using it for better visual content? We have provided step to make Gifographic that might be useful for you!

Animated Gifographics

Here are the Top amazing Gifographics creations : WebDam

Gifographics easily go viral, boost SEO and more engageable. So keep making amazing visual content with trying new strategies. WebPixel Technologies offers gifographic and infographics creation services. Get in touch with us!