Guerrilla Marketing – Embark your business with Creative Strategies and Ideas


Have you ever heard about Guerrilla Marketing?


On the first attempt, you may not know about this marketing!  It’s an advertisement strategy that focuses on low-cost unconventional marketing strategies to get maximum results.

The term “Guerrilla” is originated from the book named “Guerrilla Advertising” (1984) – Jay Conrad Levinson. And it’s inspired by guerrilla warfare; armed civilians were using warfare strategies including sabotage, traps, assaults as well as elements of surprise.

When, normal advertisement strategies aren’t working well, we can use this Marketing which will depends upon the strategies, imagination and implementation.  It will get more valuable impression, surprise and social buzzing. It can be indoor marketing, outdoor marketing, event friendly marketing as well as experimental marketing.

If Guerrilla marketing doesn’t take money to make more money, and then what does it gain?

Low-cost budget, innovative idea and unconventional strategies

The main pillars of Guerrilla marketing are using effective tactics such as energy, imagination and innovation, not just money, to achieving goals like:

Brand recalling, Feedbacks, Referrals, Enjoyment, Extra Profits as well as USP (An undeniable Unique Selling Proposition)

Here, some of the best Guerrilla Marketing experiments by well-known brands:

Toothbrush-shaped popsicle sticks:


Eye-catching marketing on a city local bus – Copenhagen Zoo:


Duracell’s buzzing ads:

Guerilla marketing duracell

King Kong 3D on the beach:


Wrapping up the Guerrilla’s wildness

You don’t need more money to spend when you have a small business and want to promote locally! Use the Guerrilla marketing strategies to grab more attention to large target public.

Have you ever tried any Guerrilla marketing strategy? What was the outcome? Share your experience with us in comments.

Want to get the entry in the zoo of Guerrilla marketing? Let us give a ticket!