Holi Celebration at WebPixel Technologies

Holi Celebration

Holi – A colorful and unforgettable experience at the workplace.

This is the festival of colors(Holi Celebration), and this is the day that represents a victory over evil, and a festival that is celebrated for an arrival of spring which brings lots of colors, emotions, fun, and freshness in people’s life.

Celebration at the office?  Yes, this is a perfect idea to break out from daily hectic routine and celebrate the festival of colors. WebPixel Team can’t miss any chance to celebrate each and every festival. This year, WebPixel Technologies celebrated this Holi festival with more joy, happiness, and energy.

Holi celebrations

We played with Gulaal and tried to paint everyone with color of togetherness. There were lots of emotions in the air, everyone became childish and enjoyed this Holi celebration, eliminating their formal and official boundaries.

Holi celebrated

Holi Celebrations

After the colorful celebration, we had a memorable photo session , where we were looking funny and extremely happy! The celebration day ended with round of snacks and made us realize that any celebrations need not be big, just our togetherness that can bring the smile and leave behind the all the worries!

Wishing you a Happy Holi!