Makar Sankranti at Workplace – Celebration of Uttarayan 2018


On the promising Celebration of Uttarayan, We organize “Kite-flying” celebration exceptionally. The sun moves towards North direction from this day. If sun itself change a direction, so why not we take a little break from work and enjoy the festival and gather the energy to work more accurately and perfectly.

Webpixel Technologies company has a ritual that we can’t miss single festival to celebrate.

Makar Sankranti advances a sentiment feeling of solidarity among people groups and this is a festival of colorful kites, Authentic Gujarati Cuisines and lots of happiness.

Food is very important to any Indian Festival

We all employees bring various things for lunch, Like a potluck. (Traditional Undhiyu, Khaman, Angur Rabdi, Papad, Paratha, Chaas, Salad etc.) We celebrated this festival in a totally traditional way. And yes it was yummy. After finishing a lunch every employee starts a photo session and capture this precious movement in the camera.

Moreover, we learned that Kite flying is not just festival, it is a team sport. One person prepares the kite to fly in the open sky. Another person keeps reveals the manja for the flier. The co-ordination between the two people is very important. These things make kite flying a group occasion. Exactly our all team members work with great co-ordination in office and complete successful projects in given time.

Uttarayan is a festival of kites and manja but this manja is very dangerous for birds. So we decided to spread a message that we have to care about other creature of the earth. Not only birds but many human also hurt by this manja and they may lose their life.

To wrapped up

We enjoyed a lot and Celebration of Uttarayan ends with the big Shout Kai Poch Cheee!! Lappeet!!!

Regardless of cold breeze, the festival was very fiery with an excited team. The day was loaded with fun, a delicious food and music playing throughout the day. We wish WebPixel Technologies to develop like a kite far up to as far as possible in the sky.

If you want your business to be fly in the open sky like kites, Contact us we have an expert filer, who will fly your kite (Business) on the top.