Mobile App Development Checklist

Mobile app development checklist

A complete checklist on what to consider before beginning your project

If you have an innovative idea and going to the jump into the mobile app development phase then it’s a perfect time to look out for a checklist! Whether you have developed many apps or developing first time, you must know the mobile app development process so that you may not miss anything about app development strategies.

Web Pixel’s mobile app developers have created a checklist that will help you with everything you will need to consider before beginning development for any mobile app.

Our Mobile App Development Checklist includes:

  • What’s your idea?

Behind every goal and idea, there is a purpose!  And it depends on how you will get done this idea into reality app in front of industry!  Just define your scope and expectations to get well road map to your app success.

  • What’s your target platform and Device?

Whether you choose Android, iOS or Windows! There are many factors that must you need to consider while choosing platform as well as devices.  Factors will be app-utility patterns, costing and security constraints and information reach!

  • What’s target audience?

Who will use your mobile app? How your app will reach to those users? Research everything for target audience.  Get more and more about your ideal users.  Use tools like Google trends and Flurry to get more about audience.

  • What will be your services in app?

Just clearly, define your integrated services and features!  What will include integrating social media sharing & posting, payment gate ways, APIs, please define early! Sometimes, client can’t afford every feature due to time and costing. Just discuss with developer and client, because both side should understand the deep requirements and possibilities.

  • What’s your budget?

Basic apps can cost less than $1k! Although just clearly define budget!  Figure out what you can afford with current budget and what will be the priority in the development process.

  • What’s your app store optimization strategy?

What will be your app name, description and right category?  Will app be freemium or paid?   In-app advertising or In-app purchases?  What’s your online presence strategy such as webpage development and social media marketing?

Define whether app will have any sensitive data or not. And moreover, discuss with developers for potential data protection.  And in the last, your app must need version upgrades to fix bugs and minor improvements.

What are your thoughts on mobile app development checklist? Talk to us about it in the comment section. If you need any kind of help in Android as well iOS development, please contact us!