Reasons to Redesign your Business Website

Web Redesign

Just ask yourself that why should you redesign your business website? However, we all know there will many numbers of reasons to redesign the website, but it isn’t easy task! It requires time, money, good redesign strategies and business risks.

A simple decision can be the game changer for your business!  If have a valid reason, then you may need this! For example, your website is 5 years old, and looking outdated! This could be a valid reason! Your bounce rate is above 95% and your website navigation is old enough! This could also be a valid reason!

“Temporary Fix now, Solve later!”

If your website needs only a few changes, then just fix that first, redesign later! You will be in trouble if you didn’t get all redesign priorities fixed. Here, WebPixel Technologies have enlisted reasons which may help you to think about the redesign the website.

It’s time to redesign your business website design to get more opportunities to expand your business.

You aren’t getting enough results

Your website has all good, web design, marketing strategies, and goal! Although, you’re not getting enough results! Your website exists to provide good ROI to your business. This is the time to implement the new strategies which will definitely require designing of the website. You must ask these questions to build a redesign process.

  • Do you have placed call-to-action buttons at the right place? Do they convert any leads?
  • Do your landing page have good conversion rate? What’s the average bounce rate of your website?
  • Does your website have enough content to HTML ratio?

Your purpose of website has changed

Many times, company needs to change marketing strategies, in this case, they need to change their goal as well as website design. These changes in marketing strategies also affect to the sales funnel.

With the change of purpose, make sure new design must have Call-to-actions on the home page and other essential placements.

You want to make SEO friendly and User-friendly website

Although your website was built with a readymade template, all navigation and looks good with user experience, your website is quite weak with SEO strategies! You have also spent money on paid advertisement, but it’s all about getting top organic search results.  With the redesign, you can improve website architecture and focus on header tags, image optimization, page speed, custom page URLs, Meta tags and much more!

A good user-friendly website design provides best user interaction. It creates good impression to your visitor as being a brand or company.  If they will impress with your website design, they will definitely come back again to look out your services and activities. Make sure your website image and logo can impress your website visitor.

Your website haven’t responsive design

Responsive design floats like water and adjusts in every device.  If you have analyzed visitor analytics, you might found that large chunks of visitors are coming from mobile devices.

If your website isn’t mobile friendly, then you may have lost large potential visitors. Even Google has given signals that whether your website is mobile friendly or not, it will indirectly affect to the CTR, search results, lead generations and sales.

You want to add new services, features or functionalities

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your website have ideal page speed?
  • Do you have all latest updated plugins?
  • Do you have a blog? How frequently you post new articles?
  • Do you want to include third party tools or new features?

These questions can help you to choose whether you need to update and redesign your website. Outdated third party tools in terms of design and functionalities can hurt your conversion rates and leads.

Your competitors have updated their website with new strategies

If your competitors have applied new strategies with design and marketing, and you have got lower ranking then, it’s time to update your strategies too.  Make a good competitor analysis and improve search engine results ranking by redesign and improving your strategies.

Your website has used outdated technologies and plugins

Web design trends and technologies change every year and your website may have 2 to 3 years old, that’s why your website is definitely old with comparing to competitors and their technologies. You should upgrade your website plug-ins to take all advantages of latest features. We can use latest web design trends like micro interactions, rich UI pattern, material design and minimalist design, which provide the good look and feel to the visitor.

Found any valid reason for your website redesign? Comments below, how often you redesign your site?

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  • Redesigning a website may add functionality and improve your website’s usability. It can be really hard from the start, but with a great and reputable website design agency, the process of having an effective, well-designed website for you to use as a marketing tool will be easier to achieve.