Reasons Why Infographics Win the Race in SEO

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The Reasons why Infographics win the race in SEO

Due to their success in delivering information quickly and communicates effectively to people with your content, over the last few years most businesses are taking interest into infographics design to target audience and represent a brand. It has created more demand and viral market on the Internet, especially on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

That’s why 65% of senior marketing executives believe that visual assets photos, video, illustrations and infographics are core to how their brand story is communicated. Are you thinking that how Infographics works with SEO? WebPixel Technologies enlisted reasons why Infographics win the race in SEO.

It creates and spreads brand awareness

If infographics are created in a correct visualized manner, it can prove to be an effective communication tool for describing your brand, product and services through engaging visual content. According to web experts, an infographic can not only increase the brand awareness, it also engages more visitors with its visualization.

It is shareable and linkable

Though it is the visual representation, it gets 94% more views than content. So it is easily shareable and linkable everywhere and has the potential to get more views from the right audience at the right time.

It empowers brands to get links in complex industries

Infographics help to visualize brand image for complex industries.
For example: For Fuel industries, we can’t easily write articles on petroleums. With Infographics, these industries can be more visualize with its services.

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Source: Slowfashioned

Infographic Research and analysis data can be useful for White Paper or Press Releases

This is where most digital marketer completely misses the opportunities with infographics. They’re not just about making visual representations. A clever marketer will recycle the same research and data for a white paper, press release or other research.

It makes your content viral

If infographics have well-researched data and visualized with most recent trends, it will be surely going to viral on social media.

It creates more Inbound marketing opportunities

Here take a look what Internet marketing legends says about Inbound Marketing:

“…it’s also the case that if you do enough excellent, interesting, useful, funny, compelling stuff, usually your reputation, or your links, however, you want to think of it, takes care of itself.” – Matt Cutts

“…these visual content pieces are generating more backlinks than any other form of content I publish, which—in the long run—helps increase my search engine rankings and overall readership numbers.” says Neil Patel — Renowned Internet marketer.

Embed Code sharing

Embed codes allow others to publish your infographic on their website by providing the necessary code. By providing embed codes to make it easy for your visitors to share your infographics on their own blog is not only a great way to generate some inbound links, since the embedded image will automatically link back to your website.

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