Republic Day Celebration – A Monument & A Small Commemorate Event


INDIA is an awesome Nation. Its development is tremendous and varied. Its history is brimming with occasions. Through ages, the glories of India discovered a place in world history. The first name of India is Bharatvarsha or the land of Bharat.

It’s Our Pleasure to Celebrate Republic Day Every Year. Republic Day is praised to honour the date when came into effect on 26 January 1950, which was embraced by the Indian Constituent Assembly on November 26 of 1949. This year India celebrates 69 years of being a republic.


At Webpixel Technologies, We started our day with the ‘National Anthem of India’,’Jana-Gana-Mana’. And we also decorated our office. Our office environment fills with patriotic feeling. It is the Willingness to help every person and respect human.

We have also conducted Health check-up for employees, as WebPixel Technologies believe in living life healthy. This will improve physical and in addition psychological well-being among the employees. Likewise, it decreases the general rate of non-attendance and interest of employees. We also arrange a session for health awareness.

26th january-celebration

To wrap up, Republic Day Celebration ends and we plagued for Hope, Peace, Reigns in your part of the world today and every day. Clean India, Developed India is the Only Motto of Republic India and it our Responsibility too.

Happy Republic Day 2018! Vande Mataram ! Jay Hind