Web Design Checklist 2017 (Updated)


Web Design Checklist

Everybody may have New Year Resolutions for their business and if you have already done some planning for your website, goal, and its requirements, then you should focus on web design checklist that will help you in making web design strategies and content adjustments.  A good design checklist can help keep you to track on the design flow during a project.

You may have many types of checklist and planning in the workplace! The checklist provided by WebPixel Technologies can better guide you as it is structured.

Just keep in Mind this Brief Information before you do Web Design


Work out with your best team brainstormers about new design project and its market analysis. They can make good decisions and suggest about its marketing ideas, content, navigation and competitors.


Try to understand URL structure, it should be shorter, free from dynamic parameters (id, type, &, _), readable, free from stop words etc


Know your potential audience and know what services they are looking forward from you?


Know the purpose of the website. It can be personal, educational, entertainment, profit earning business, non-profit organization, etc


Choose content type as per requirements such as text, video, slider banner, sound, forms, widgets, pop-up notifications etc.

Design Style that suits the purpose

Choose the design style that suit to your business purpose.  It can be professional, casual, teen or child-friendly and artistic etc

  • Single page web design

For small number of products, startup and mobile app portfolio

  • Multiple page web design

For business company with large number of services, blogging platforms etc

  • Ecommerce web design

For large number of E-commerce, product and categories listing

Page Layout Design Guidelines

  • Try to use consistent site header and logo
  • Page footer must include copyright, quick links, privacy policy (E-commerce) and contact details
  • Use effective combination of vertical as well as horizontal navigation that will make good interaction experience  for your customers
  • Design must be readable and appealing to potential audience
  • Include informative page title with proper header tags. Make use of all the header tags.
  • Better use of basic design principles: repetition, contrast, proximity, and alignment
  • Browser screen should be minimum 1024×768 without horizontal scrolling
  • Make sure Header and Navigation can occupy less than ¼ to ⅓ of the browser at 1024×768 resolution
  • Try to display your main frontend stories and headlines at above the fold (1024×768) on the homepage because it gets most attention
  • Make good balance between image, text and white space
  • Good contrast between text and background
  • Follow a typography that makes your brand unique. Try to avoid a too large font or too small font that is hard to read. Just make consistent use of the font.
  •  In the Home page, use about us (Who We are), vision and mission statement to elaborate your company
  • Include a “back to home” link or make use of breadcrumb for better navigation on the website.
  • Use a consistent template on each page
  • Create a uniform color combination. Try Coolors and Paletton tools.
  • Avoid long lists of links if possible.
  • Make use of the bulleted list that highlights “unique concepts” about your services and in resulting, it will make a good impression on your customers that you are offering the right fruitful information about services. So, it is cleared that Content is King and that’s why you should make the content as per your business purpose with well-organized structure,  Spelling mistakes free and appropriate with multilingual languages
  • Try to avoid using flash and frames because it doesn’t crawl by most search engines
  • Check the mobile and browser compatibility

WebPixel Technologies has delivered 300+ successful web design projects with following this insane web design checklist! Share your reviews about this checklist and comment below if you want to share something new web design strategies. Get quote now.